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The industry has shown a significant reduction in workforce , at least in the last reported period between 2014 and 2015. Over 1,875 employees lost their job in that period, a loss of -1.17%. The most recent numbers show a total of 3,196 businesses currently operating in the Electric Power Generation industry. On average over the last five years, the Electric Power Generation industry has a slightly higher OSHA reported accident rate (11% more) than the broader Electric Power Generation Transmission and Distribution Industry

The accident investigation below was opened on Tuesday, January 2nd 2018 by OSHA representitives in Stockton, CA after learning of an incident at Renewable Technologies Incorporated which had occured on Friday, December 29th 2017. A 59 year old Other financial officer had been killed when the employee fell through skylight and was killed
OSHA ID101851.015
Accident Date2017-12-29
Accident DegreeFatality
NarrativeOn December 29, 2017, an employee was setting up a drone and fell through a skylight. The employee fell approximately 40 feet to the concrete floor and sustained multiple injuries. The employee died as a result of those injuries.
OSHA investigators arrived in Marlborough, MA on Wednesday, January 3rd 2018 and began an accident investigation which had occured previously at Tesla Energy Operations, Inc.. A 30 year old Elevator installer had been injured when the
OSHA ID101871.015
Accident Date2017-12-29
Accident DegreeHospitalized injury
NarrativeAt 2:20 p.m. on December 29, 2017, an employee was testing electrical equipment when an arc blast occurred. The employee received electrical shock and burns, which he was hospitalized.
On Tuesday, November 28th 2017 OSHA reps took a report of a serious accident in Mount Laurel, NJ after learning of an incident at Ewp Renewable Corporation which had occured on Monday, November 27th 2017. A 23 year old man working as a Laborer was killed on the job when the
OSHA ID101482.015
Accident Date2017-11-27
Accident DegreeFatality
NarrativeAt 6:30 p.m. on November 27, 2017, Employee #1 had finished cleaning the building and restarted the machine. The employee proceeded to exit the building at the end of his shift. As Employee #1 left, he made contact with the conveyor and was pulled in, killing him. The employee sustained an amputated right arm, a severe head laceration and multiple fractures.

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Inspection Records: 1746
Inspection Rate: 4.87
Violation Records:
Accident Records: 144