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The Mining industry has really been reeling, experiencing a massive employment decline of -10.69% in just the 12 months. The most recent numbers from 2015 show that employment was right at 751,911 working at 35,827 different establishments throughout the United States, which is 89,968 less than the year prior. Over the past 5 years this industry has recorded an accident rate of over 2 times (0% more) the average for the Industry.

On Wednesday, May 29th 2019 OSHA reps took a report of a serious accident in Dallas, TX at Blue Racer Midstream, Llc.. A 45 year old Mechanical control had been injured when the
OSHA ID116627.015
Accident Date2019-05-21
Accident DegreeHospitalized injury
NarrativeAt 12:30 p.m. on May 21, 2019, an employee was removing 10 foot long filters from the inside of a gas vessel when a flash fire started at the rear of the vessel. The employee suffered second degree burns to his hand and first degree burns to the face and neck. The employee was hospitalized.
The accident investigation below was opened on Monday, August 19th 2019 by OSHA representitives in Williston, ND after learning of an incident at Basin Concrete, Inc. which had occured on Sunday, March 10th 2019. A 53 year old Truck driver had been killed when the
OSHA ID119573.015
Accident Date2019-03-10
Accident DegreeFatality
NarrativeOn March 10, 2019, an employee was working on a oil and gas drilling site moving equipment. During the transportation of the equipment, the employee came into contact with hydrochloric acid. The employee ingested hydrochloric acid. Several days later he was admitted to the hospital and soon after died.
On Thursday, January 24th 2019 OSHA reps took a report of a serious accident in Midland, TX which had occured previously at Bullseye Testing, Llc. A 20 year old had been killed when the
OSHA ID112970.015
Accident Date2019-01-24
Accident DegreeFatality
NarrativeAt 2:30 p.m. on January 24, 2019, an employee and a coworker were lifting an end of a 237 lb pipe joint from the work-over rig floor. They were giving it a final tug when the employee lost his footing and slipped, falling to his hands and knees. The employee was struck on his head and shoulders by the pipe joint when it slid off the rig floor. The employee was hospitalized and later died from his injuries.

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Inspection Records: 9453
Inspection Rate: 1.61
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Accident Records: 939